Upcoming Feature: Reminders

The current beta version of Matterlist is missing an important feature: Reminders. It is still in development, but we hope to release it in the coming months.

Here's how Reminders work in Matterlist: After you right-swipe a task to postpone it, a REMIND button briefly appears at the bottom of the screen. If you tap it, you'll see the Reminder Menu which lets you select how you'd like to be reminded when the task reappears in your Today view:

Reminder menu

There are two kinds of reminders in Matterlist: Notifications and Alarms. Notifications are a softer, gentler kind of reminder, while Alarm is a loud, interruptive one.

Both Notifications and Alarms respect Quiet Hours, which can be configured in Matterlist settings. However, if you have a particularly urgent task and you want to be reminded of it even in the middle of the night, there's an option to ignore Quiet Hours, which makes your Alarms and Notifications urgent:

Urgent reminders

The picture below shows a Matterlist alarm screen. It can show reminders for multiple tasks simultaneously. You can Snooze the reminders for a few minutes, just like you do with your alarm clock, or Dismiss them all right away:

Reminder screen

In addition to the Reminder Menu shown above, you can set reminders in the Edit Task screen:

Adding a reminder

And finally, reminders in Matterlist are completely optional and are turned off by default. If you prefer, you can avoid using them completely and enjoy as few interruptions as possible.

We plan to implement reminders in the coming months. Please subscribe to our updates and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get notified when they are available. Stay tuned!