Hello, World!

Hi, I’m Vladimir Golovin, the founder of Matterlist. I'm a software developer and entrepreneur. My first company was Filter Forge, and Matterlist is the second one.

Matterlist is a to-do list app that I had to build because no existing to-do app satisfied my needs. About three years ago I got fed up with the lack of a to-do app that would let me be productive without cluttering my mind with irrelevant tasks, so I wrote a 300-page specification, assembled a small team of great engineers, and together we started development. Here's the result:

iOS and Android Apps

Matterlist is designed around a single key idea: focusing your to-do list on the most relevant tasks that you can do right now. The system takes care of your attention and offers multiple tools for shortening your list of things to do:

In addition to keeping your to-do list focused on the present, Matterlist solves several annoying problems that still remain in other to-do apps, such as due date pollution and fragility of recurring tasks.

After three years of active development and a year of in-house testing (which has gone quite well so far), we are getting closer to Matterlist release. Later this year, we will start a closed beta, followed by an open beta. After that, we'll launch the app in both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Interested to try out Matterlist? Let's keep in touch! Visit the Matterlist website, subscribe to our newsfeed, and follow us on social media — we'll keep you posted!